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tivoli home


i'm always thrilled when i discover a fantastic design resource that's been right around the corner from me all along. tivoli home is a wonderful online resource for scandinavian design that happens to have a showroom in d.u.m.b.o, not far from me. until i get over there in person, i'll be scanning their website for updates and great new finds. their current online selection offers a huge array of sleek, modern designs from the home, ranging from pendant (and table)lamps and tableware to textiles and personal accessories. i've highlighted my favorites above and below, but you can check out the entire collection right here. enjoy! [ps: the prices range from affordable to over $500]







Blogger schnro said...

I've stopped by the Tivoli Home studio a couple of times -- in a cool space and a great way to see what he has on line. The guy who runs it, Kenneth, is very nice with a great eye. I think he's open on weekends usually, and if you sign up on for his email list you get invited for parties at the space -- very cool.

10:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Schnro's is right. Tivoli Home is a great place to pick up something for the design fan in your life or for yourself. I just purchased a table lamp there and I can't wait to get it home. Great guy, great space, great stuff. Does it get any better than that?

8:21 PM  

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