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for some reason i burn a lot of cds during the day, and sometimes sprucing up the covers would be nice. so perhaps these might come in handy for you as well- mixit's patterned cd covers come in packs of 8 for $6. lots of patterns to choose from (i prefer the dots and stripes)- a bit jazzy, but nice if you're tired of the same old look.




Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love the idea of dressing up something as mundane as a CD. However, their site seems to be wholesale focused. Is there an online store??

On a similar theme - ipod tatoos. Now I do like the clean, modern white of my ipod...that being said I love the idea of these removeable tatoos available through hp (http://h10058.www1.hp.com/digital/entertainment/us/en/music/tattoos/tattoo_gallery.jsp?defaultDeviceName=iPod).

You can also use their template and design your own cover.

4:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is another great source for printed CDs: http://www.5inch.com/index.php

6:40 PM  
Blogger chloe said...

I was disapointed when I saw that these were just stickers to put on your current blank cds. I've had neato's mediaface setup where you use templates and either a range of stock imagery they proveide you or your own image files to create and print stickers for your blank media discs, plus it comes with a little doohickey to make sure you put it on right. Even with the price of ink it's a lot more price efficient than what these sell for at retail.

For a purchased but more unigue blank cd I was really into lucky disc They were supposed to have a lot more designers in the works for more varieties, but somehow I'm not sure they sold enough to continue because it's been a year or two since I bookmarked the site. That rabbit with the headphones is awfully cute. They're more expensive $35 for 12, but you get the case as well as the disc.

2:36 PM  

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