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mark at sparkability is always passing on the best links. he saw this handy ipod case on designspotter this morning and thought d*s readers might like it...and i agreed. das blau was founded in september 2005 after designers johanna campos and katja hirche wanted to find a way to protect their personal ipod nanos. they designed a leather case that wrapped around the ipod and had a feature that propped it up for watching videos. their design became the "versa" which is now available for the 5g ipod with video. key features include: a belt clip that turns into a stand, a dock connector that's accessible when in "stand" mode, high quality leather with stylish fabric patterns. the versa starts shipping on feb 17 and you can order yours (there are 8 styles from which to choose) right here for $46.99. enjoy!





Anonymous Anonymous said...

I also have a nano case from Vaja that is pretty awesome. It has many of the same features, but is built so that the unit is pretty much enclosed except for the ports. I haven't taken my nano out of it since I got it months ago. Check it out!

10:10 AM  
Blogger marbargarbo said...

I just really don't get Ipod cases. I have an iPod, and I have the case that comes with it from Apple, which I still think is the best one, easy in, easy out, but all those snaps and stuff, doesn't that defeat part of it being easy to use. It's like all those people who put their cell phone in a holder. I think they are the ugliest and dumbest things. Oh well, each to his own.


10:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ek, but hey, these look like NOTHING of a cellphone case or iPod case which makes you wanna go p***..these look quite cool, I hafta admit!

1:26 PM  

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