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deadly squire (hooray!) *


i'm such a huge fan of deadly squire. and not just because every time i think of them i hear "wake up!" in my head (such a great song). they've just released three great new patterns for pieces like pillows, dog beds, placemats and napkins that are a must-have (they're affordable, too! prices range from $58-$195 for large dog beds). the new patterns are called: berry bush, branches and cameo and they're carried online at design public as well as at clio-home in soho. i'm sure they're all over, but those are my two confirmed sources right now. and of course, you can always check out their "where to by dsq" link to find a store near you. right now i'm just happy to have new patterns to share because i think they're gorgeous- esp the berry bush and cameo styles- love them. great work, tim and anna! click here for more info on the fantastic brooklyn duo known as deadly squire. enjoy!





Anonymous Anonymous said...

I really like Deadly Squire. Especially the way they merchandise their fabrics and products.
I have to say "Berry Bush" really reminds me of Josef Frank.
I wish DS could have made that print less like JF and more like DS.

12:47 PM  

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