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design sponge budget buys *


some of you have noticed the asterisks that are now appearing next to some post titles- so i thought i'd introduce a new feature of d*s- design*sponge budget buys!

when you see an asterisk next to any post title, it will indicate a d*s budget buy- meaning, products that are affordable for those of us on a budget! clearly some people will have different definitions of "affordable", but for the most part, i'll try to keep it to products $100 and under. so, keep an eye out for asterisks and have fun budget browsing!
i hope the d*s budget buys can highlight affordable goods without distracting from the goal of the site- to showcase the best and most beautiful products in the design world. so, now those of you looking for budget buys can scan for asterisks and those of you who enjoy a good window shop regardless of price can continue to read away. xo, d*s


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