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lindsey adams adelman


i'm a big fan of pen and ink drawings- especially combined with watercolor or gauche. when i was last in matter for a ny home photo shoot they had a gorgeous selection of artwork by lindsey adams adelman. sadly they're out of my price range, but i'm hoping to save up for an original in the next year. while reading lena corwin's blog i found a post about linsdey's work and though it was about time i write something about her work.


based in new york, adelman creates beautiful works that combine delicate lines with gorgeous color in a way that makes her works feel almost otherworldly. floral imagery and "sketch" like doodles are common in her work; she manages to elevate what some people would think of as "sketching" to a beautiful place. i think each piece is breathtaking enough to speak for itself, so please click here to see lindsey's work in person and contact her about purchase or for further information. she's phenomemenally talented and i highly suggest checking out her work- i'm a big, big lindsey fan. [all images by lindsay adams adelman, via her website]



Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's "gouache", luv. Wonderful stuff. I'm simply crazy about your blog, by the way.

11:43 AM  

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