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the o is for outstanding *


i've been a fan of o at home magazine since it came out- it carries oprah's sense of style and love of life into the home in such a lovely way. she's someone who always seems to really cherish the finer things in life, as well as the small things- and to me this magazine oozes that ten fold. her newest venture into the home and design world is full of lush, colorful spreads jam-packed with great ideas for your home (with a wide range of prices). this past issue had a few great pieces i wanted to share in case you missed the issue: zyliss's electric green cutting knife ($2.99) made entirely of plastic (it comes in blue and red as well), shades of light's fun little bird lamp ($165, for those of you still loving the birds- i'd like to see it with a wider shade) and roost's galle glassware that make me want to have a glass of oj right now (set of six 12-ounce tumblers, $80 at paul smith: 212-627-9770). [all photos from oprah.com]





Anonymous Anonymous said...

This green knife reminds me of the infamous brown potato peeler designed to diappear into the mess of peels and as such get thrown away resulting in the purchase of a new peeler!

One must love planned obsolescence!

11:59 AM  

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