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thought we could all use a little color on a day as gloomy as this one. the winter wind is howling in brooklyn so i thought panek tobin's colorful tableware might be a nice way to remind me that spring isn't terribly far away. san francisco, my favorite panek tobin pattern, is a colorful wavy pattern that brings warmth and vibrancy to any table. rain, my second favorite (or perhaps they're tied for first...) pattern, is a calm but refreshing style that looks smashing next to those pomegranates in the photograph...and who doesn't need a little vibrant red in their life on a day like this? you can find panek tobin goods online right here, here and here (for a retailer near you, follow the link to keena). enjoy! see you tomorrow...[all photos from panek tobin]

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I need to just stop coming here! I nnnneeed that Rain pattern! Nnnnnneed it!

I can't find a store that carries that specific pattern on-line. I was waiting to find it so I could see that it was out of my price range and put it out of my mind. Even though they say they're affordable... nothing that pretty is ever quite my affordable!

7:39 PM  
Blogger yezenia said...

Loving your blog!

2:08 AM  

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