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president's day (argh)


happy president's day everyone. i'm off today but i'll be back tomorrow. in more argh-inspiring news, my designer (the patient angel that she is) and i have hit yet another snag with our coding and decided to reach out to all your talented people out there.

it seems our finalized design (that had been ready for today) isn't compat. with mac internet explorer or safari. i don't want to leave a single reader out so we're trying to figure out what's wrong, but need some help. does anyone know about coding within blogspot? blogspot seems to be the problem, so if anyone knows how to code within blogger and has done it before, please please drop me a note and i'm happy to pay for your services to help. we have almost everything done, but can't figure out what the heck is goin on. thanks so much, be back tomorrow with oodles of posts saved up from this weekend. xo, d*s


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have your designer post the a page with the new code online somewhere (perhaps just start a new blogspot account with the new code) and leave the link up. Whatever it is, I can probably fix it.

12:01 PM  
Blogger design*sponge said...


im not comfy posting my code online, if you think you can help please please send an email and i can have my designer get in touch with you. thanks!


12:46 PM  
Blogger kickpleat said...

a lot of css isn't mac ie5 compatible. in fact, even microsoft has pretty much disowned it (the new msn pages don't work in ie5). your code should work in safari and if you need a hand, i might be able to help.

1:00 PM  
Blogger haus maus said...

Grace - My expert blog gal, Kay Stoner, can run to your assistance and you can pay her via paypal. She is really FAST and smart, you'll like her. She's in Boston, but can do everything on line. She helped me with mine but I've since screwed around with my profile and tinkered with the code a little which threw off my profile formatting. I have to ask her to help me again with that. She is also a very confidential and trustworthy person - you can trust her 150%.



1:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You can see the code for anybody's site anyway by going to View and then Source. Once your updated Blogger site is running, people will be able to view the code you are using. I agree with the other poster that posting it online is a good idea so you can get input on fixing it more easily.

1:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have you tried seeing if others are having problems?


I agree with the previous comment. If it's posted in a dev environment, it would be a lot easier to debug.

2:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

FYI, Mac Internet Explorer does not handle CSS (cascading style sheets) very well (not sure if you are using them). I think Microsoft is no longer supporting the browser and has not updated it in a while either.

3:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jon is a Mac genius. Might try asking him? http://www.blurbomat.com/
Wish I could help you myself...looking forward to the new look!

6:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you for not leaving us Mac users out! IE for Mac is not even supported by Microsoft anymore, so maybe that doesn't matter? Most Mac users are using Safari, so that is an important one to nail down. Good luck and I can't wait for the new design! : ) I bet your call for help will not go unheeded.


12:09 AM  
Blogger diuxi said...

I use blogger, but even posting doesn't yet work well with Safari. I also shudder when I view my blog on older computers and in IE and sometimes even Safari. The text doesn't always look right. I finally just put a link recommending Firefox for viewing. Besides, Firefox is a great browser. IE seems to crash alot in Mac. I also tried different css and html to tweak the page, a time consuming endeavour, and had a free typepad trial. I wonder if you would have these issues using typepad? Which is also better for categories. Hopefully blogger will catch up, but going pro, you might want to see what sixapart can offer if you continue to have issues with blogger. good luck!

2:45 AM  
Blogger Jaxopolitan said...

I don't know how to fix CSS, but I wish you luck doing it.

I use Macs exclusively, and if I can't read d*s daily, it'll send me spiralign down into a sad ugly place.

12:35 PM  

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