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v-day on the way *


today will be all about valentine's day gift ideas. the 14th is fast approaching so what better time to talk about great ideas for the special people in your life? the following finds all come from unica home, which offers overnight shipping if needed.


for me, valentine's day gifts are all about simplicity, rather than pieces dripping with pink, lace and bright red hearts. these espresso and ice cream spoons from alessi are a perfect example- romantic, simple and elegant enough to not knock you over the head with valentine's day trimmings ($9-$26). if spoons aren't your thing, how about simple red "double happiness" chopsticks? for $6 a set you and your sweetie can eat with chopsticks adorned with the chinese symbol for happiness. lastly, if you'd prefer something small and sweet, check out alessi's girotondo small boxes for $30 a piece. the heart box is a nice choice for hiding special gifts and surprises. check out unica's v-day collection right here. enjoy!




Blogger koyore said...

Last year for V-day, I got the Heart spoon set, from my loving husband. They are simplistic and beautiful. When not in use, I keep them displayed in a vase, hearts up. He spotted them in a shop window, while we were Vacationing in San Diego--my valentine gift to him, that and the digtial camera he could not stop drooling over.
On ebay a couple years ago, I won a non-matching set of beautiful victorian spoons--each engraved with the lady's first name and the date. She got one each Valetine's day for 4-5 years. They are from the late 1800's. I don't nothing of their history, nor did the seller. Just goes to show what one treasures makes a great gift to show your love.

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