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viva terra *

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viva terra always has wonderful finds for the home and garden that stay true to their motto of "eco living with style". their latest additions are perfect for adding a little natural flair to your home.


barn beam tables lend a warm, worn-in feel to a city home (or a country home) and these versions are hand-hewn by vermont artisans and crafted from "found" american lumber up to 200 years old. imperfections in the wood were left in to add character and warmth ($340-$375 + $25 shipping).

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for storing winter plants and kitchen herbs, try this cachepot made from driftwood found on the beach ($54)- perfect for bringing the outdoors in. sticking with the flora theme, these stone flower holders are made from recycled metal for $49.

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stone pedestal bowls are always a nice way to show off beautiful objects- these basalt stone versions are $29-$39 and have a lovely nest-like wire bowl on top. last but not least, tableware- my favorite. try having your morning juice in these recycled glass glasses and carafe ($24 for the carafe, $39 for 6 glasses) and storing fruit in these cute white porcelain aviary bowls ($69-$119).

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

What does the "*" mean in the title? (viva terra*) Curious.

ps/ love the carafe.

12:57 PM  

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