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i saw these designs at rare device last week and forgot to put them up! 1973 is a uk based design studio created by the husband and wife team of james and emma emmerson (they were both born in 1973). their work is positively bursting with energy, color and bold, modern patterns. their designs are inspired by fashion and design and places an emphasis on innovative materials, inks and finishes. you can buy their work in card (above) and wrapping paper form (below) and i think i've found a great piece of their wrapping paper i'd like to frame for my dining room. if you're in the uk, you can shop 1973 online, and in the states you can find their work at rare device and some urban outfitters stores. enjoy! [i have meetings today so i'll be back tomorrow with more great finds!]





Blogger meg said...

If you're in San Francisco, they actually carry these papers at Scandinavian Details in Hayes Valley (364 Hayes). The papers aren't available online, but they have them in the store. Had to get a few sheets myself...

1:56 PM  

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