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i'm sometimes a bit creeped out by ms. martha and her television show (she looks so uncomfortable!), i'm intrigued by this new magazine she's inroducing. blueprint is aimed at the 30 something female audience and looks a bit like domino meets real simple- which in my book totally rocks. stacy tipped me off the other day and i'm psyched to see how it turns out. in the meantime, you can get a free debut issue right here. enjoy! [thanks ms. pancake. xo!]



Anonymous lisa said...

i just signed up for the first free preview issue. can't wait to get it. i was thinking it was domino-esque and real simple too! the editor, rebecca thuss, always came up with cute stuff in martha stewart weddings so i'm hoping she brings that to blueprint.

12:25 PM  
Blogger meg said...

Oh boy...another magazine I must to subscribe to! I'm going to go broke on shelter mags.

1:32 PM  
Blogger robyn said...

While I am excited about this new publication (Domino + Lucky + Real Simple ala MSLiving) I am torqued by this offer:

"Yes! Send me the premier issue of BLUEPRINT to preview risk-free. Bill me later for just $18 for 6 issues (one full year, including the Free preview issue), that's a substantial savings off the newsstand price."

The newstand price is $3.50 (or $21 for a year of 6 issues). They are claiming that saving $3.00 is a "substantial savings" when in actuality, if one ordered the free preview issue, didn't subscribe for the year and then got the remaining 5 issues at the newstand you'd save more money ($3.50) than if you subscribed to this special deal. Meaning that your free preview issue isn't actually free, but costs $0.50

I'm sure I'll break down and subscribe eventually, anyway...

1:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ohhhhh more martha mags! Ya!
i am upset they discontinued the kids magazine
-a non parent

3:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

you have entirely too much time on your hands...

7:36 PM  
Blogger igotmoxie said...

i was pretty underwhelmed with Blueprint. I have to say.

I'm the whiteiest white girl ever, and i thought the magazine was excessively WASP-y.

it just wasn't anything new or exciting. except maybe for the turning-scarves-into-hangbags article. that was useful.

even the curtis sittenfield essay at the end was bland.
bland bland bland.

they should call it beige-print if they even make it to book 2.

8:29 AM  

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