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cherry blossoms


domino could not have come at a better time this month- annie goldman's gorgeous column on cherry blossoms read my mind. our bedroom at home is a slowly evolving cherry blossom theme with a warm, minimalist look. well, at least that's what i hope it looks like when we're done. i got these curtains from urban to tide us over, but they're way too short for our windows (we have tall windows and i'd like to get some fabric to do custom curtains with). does anyone know of a great cherry blossom fabric that's similar to this with a white or cream background? i'm trying to decide what color linens would work with this whole look, too. sometimes designing my own home is much harder than helping other people's with theirs. ;) d*s



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Take a look at the marimekko site for Lumimarja (more dense) and Kaiku (well it is the whole tree!)

5:14 PM  
Anonymous cem21 said...

Try any of the online quilt fabric stores--Japanese fabric is all the rage now and I'm sure they'd have nice cherry blossom designs. Some of my favorites: equilter.com, fabrictales.com, intfab.com. Happy hunting!

5:21 PM  
Blogger design*sponge said...



5:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i know it's not curtains nor is it cherry blossoms BUT i have this rug: http://www.gumps.com/parent.asp?product=134846x and i absolutely adore it. the japanese maple design echoes the branches in a few cherry blossom items i've got, and i think the combo is really nice.

5:34 PM  
Blogger mintyfresh said...

kallistiquilts.com (based out of the Waterloo/Toronto area in Ontario) is where i get japanese fabrics for all of my client work - she's got a great selection of cherry blossoms and other japanese flowers/dobbycloth prints. And they're (inexpensively) sold in Canadian dollars!

5:37 PM  
Blogger tia said...

I'd love some advice about linens to go with this pattern, too. I have the cherry blossoms bedspread from Urban and would like some pillows to go with it that aren't too matchy-matchy.

7:53 PM  
Anonymous skg said...

Can you buy the bed textile from Urban in the same fabric and have it hemmed?

8:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

why not add a solid gausy panel to the top or bottom?
or add a stipe of color in a heavier cotton somewhere?
you can also change the ties at the top allowing the curtain to drop lower leaving the top part of the window exposed or add another sheer layer behind the whole curtain, start the blossoms at the top and let the other fabric fall to the desired length..this will add a little bit of body and make the curtain unique, maybe cut the hem of of both layers and frey (sorry dont know how to spell frea?) the edges?
hope you will like one of these ideas...
good luck

8:25 PM  
Anonymous Cuccu said...

In another week my own blog will be sporting a cherry blossom design. Coincidentally, I've been working out how I can incorporate either a cherry blossom or a ginkgo design into our currently design-less bedroom. Good luck on yours.

8:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

why can't you use silk shantung or some other solid as a footer to these urbans? adds length at a value. i've amended ready-mades as such with much success. best to you, courtney

1:44 AM  
Blogger ange said...

Hey! I got the same print from urban for our dining room! Except we got them as roman blinds, not curtains, so they're super long. It was about 6 months ago. I'm surrounding the blinds with thin bamboo sticks all the way around. And I thought anyone into cherry blossoms would enjoy this post of the dining room pendant lamp that I made. I painted paper with the same cherry blossom design from the blinds. The effect is really lovely, and it pulls the design together.

see here:

and close up: http://photos1.blogger.com/hello/231/4267/1024/lampshadeclose.jpg

Grace, please keep me posted on the look in your bedroom as i'm going for the same thing in our dining room!

and maybe if you want some lamps too, just let me know!!



2:14 PM  
Anonymous Annie Goldman said...

Thanks for the compliments. Have you tried Marimekko's Lumimarja Fabric? It is an abstracted Cherry Blosom, but they have some great Marimekko color combinations.

3:13 PM  
Blogger m.veronica said...

I love that print! I just looked at the same curtains, but they were too short. Instead, I bought a queen size bed spread from UO which had the same print but heavier fabric. It measures 108x90, so i'm planning on cutting it in half, hemming and hanging with curtain hooks. And the bedspread was only $32, so it ended up being cheaper.

1:14 AM  
Anonymous Alice said...

I'm so excited. I browse your blog all the time to look at the pretty stuff and this is the first time I bought something b/c of it! I don't ever shop at Urban Outfitters but this was exactly what I was looking for. Thanks!

7:05 PM  

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