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d*s snaps!


just a reminder- don't forget to send in your d*s snaps to be showcased on the site! i'm putting up some new shots today, but don't forget- you can email them right here and see them on d*s lickity split! so if you're out with your camera phone and see something that inspires you, send it on over! thanks!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You realize I could very easily flood your in box with photos of designer stuff.

Are you just looking for stuff that isn't posted on the site?

2:39 PM  
Blogger design*sponge said...


yes, i realize that ;)

i'm looking for things that inspire you and photos you took. storefront windows, displays in your home, fabrics, etc that you see in your day to day life. not photos from the web, etc, ie: things already on the site.

:) d*s

2:46 PM  

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