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laptop schtickers *


i wrote about these fun little stick-ems when they first launched, but they added some great new designs for 2006 and i just had to post them. schtickers are removable "sticker" covers that can be used on laptops and ipods- they're a fun way to dress up your computer if that dell logo gets a little tired. at $20 a pop they're an affordable way to add a little snazz to your laptop. click here for the new designs (be sure to check out my favorite- the lotta jansdotter-type design). enjoy!




Anonymous Gwen said...

Too cute! I just want to take a quick moment to thank you for posting all of this goodness. I am constantly amazed at all of the lovely and inspiring things I see here everyday.

10:06 AM  
Blogger design*sponge said...

thanks, gwen ;)


10:10 AM  
Anonymous Brian Everett said...

I bought the sushi sticker a while back. :) The quality of the sticker is excellent and it leaves no residue behind.

However, it should be noted it took almost three weeks to get the sticker.

11:55 AM  
Anonymous Maryam said...

What an adorable idea! I spend so, so much time at my laptop. How nice to add a little pizzazz to my day!

7:37 AM  
Blogger ♥ Christina ♥ said...


i have the pink daisy on my laptop right now. i had no troubles ordering it and it came to me in toronto, canada in just 5 days.

it stays on even though i have my laptop in and out of a bag nearly every day.

i get so so so many compliments on it and i just love mine. totally worth it!

9:07 PM  

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