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marigolds *


i'm working on my bathroom so i've been browsing bathmats a lot- thought these were subtle, but nice. i'd prefer the flowers to be a bit crisper, but i still think it's nice. $48 in lime and coral at anthropologie. happy steppin!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

say, in your bathmat browsing, pls alert us if you find any round mats. that's all that will fit in my itty bitty bathroom, and they're surprisingly hard to find. maybe there's a cool seagrass or straw one, since most of the regular cotton ones only look great fresh out of the dryer, before they get trampled down.

10:38 AM  
Anonymous Boochie Gilchrist Knows Da Score said...

Because it seems to be a knit, looped sort of bathrug, the construction of it alone rules out crisp lines.

10:17 PM  

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