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mcd's design

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this idea could not be any cooler. i saw this post on frida's blog, husmusen and she was kind enough to translate so we could take a look. here's the skinny from frida: "Mc Donalds arranged a design competition in Sweden where people could send in designs for coffee mugs (paper) that will be launched this summer. They later selected a few of them and let people vote on their webpage. 3 winners have now recieved 20,000 SEK as a scholarship, their designs will be printed this summer and one of them will also have their mug/design made in porcelain by the Swedish manufacturer Gustavsberg". i love the idea. so, so fun. there are tons of great designs to check out, so click here to see them for yourself. [thanks, frida!]

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, but I cannot advocate anything that McDonald's would do to encourage people to eat their food. This is just pure evil on their part.

2:36 PM  
Blogger design*sponge said...

well anon, then you don't have to advocate it. it's a contest that brings attention to designers in a really interesting and creative way and i love that. at least they're only talking about coffee here and not a big mac. but ultimately, i think it's ok to look at something sometimes and enjoy the design of it and not nec. get too wrapped up in the politics of it all. it's just a coffee cup competition.


4:15 PM  
Blogger bowie style said...

i love the idea of a design competition (even though i too am not a mcdonalds customer).
it would good to see more of this kind of thing - lets hope other companies are watching.
the only other competition i can think of like this (in the UK anyway) is from "formica" who have their 'design a laminate' competition every year.

8:01 PM  

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