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pretty and delicious!


i saw these at living on 7th the other day and thought they were too, too cute. based in san francisco, charles chocolates was founded by chuck "charles" siegel and uses only the finest ingredients: including some of the world’s best chocolates, organic herbs, fruits and nuts as well as organic cream and butter from strauss dairy. everything at charles chocolates is made by hand in very small batches using traditional techniques, and all of the chocolates are shipped to customers within three days of being created. they taste divine and look even cuter- each chocolate bar comes in a lovely modern wrapper with a print too lovely to crumple up in the trash. you can click here to find out more or shop online! enjoy!



Blogger d said...

I'm guessing you've been there (what with your uncanny ability to find chocolate), but I've been impressed with The Chocolate Room over on 5th Ave in the Slope for the sweets and such.

12:08 PM  
Anonymous tribecatexan said...

They offer a PMS chocolate craving subscription! What an amazing idea.


10:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You can buy these at trader joes

12:45 PM  

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