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rob teeters


min, d*s reader in china, just passed along the work of new york artist, rob teeters. (i love that a reader in china passed along the work of an artist in new york- design is so accessible these days, it's fantastic. i also love that d*s apparently not banned everywhere in china) rob makes these fantastic little laser cut skull coasters. very hipster williamsburg (they should totally be at any of the bars on bedford) but super cute. they are a limited edition so contact rob here to see if you can grab some. [thanks, min!]



Blogger Erin T said...

Arrghh! These are fun!
I have quite a few feminine accents in my home - silk pillows, soft-hued ceramics, botanical prints, etc. These coasters would be the perfect way to unleash my inner Pirate.
- Erin

12:06 PM  
Blogger Steven said...

Those are tight! I want some!! I should check out the website for more designs!

6:36 PM  
Anonymous INYOURFACE said...

Rob Teeters has a show at Matter in New York right now. I saw it, it was dope! All of his pieces are limited editions and one of kinds. Check out his website at www.rteeters.com

8:52 PM  

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