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biscuit by job


i'm a big fan of dutch design team, studio job. their work is always a mix of weird, edgy and modern that seems to come out on top most of the time. this new tableware collection called biscuit (shown in milan last week for royal tichelaar makkum) might cross the weird line for some people (i don't think i'd eat off of the skull plate) but i think elements of it are lovely. the biscuit collection includes nine different plates and five centerpieces made of white bisque porcelain with reliefs based on allegory with fairy tale and fantasy figures. i love that both sides of the plates are decorated- the small plates are my favorite pieces. i'd love to use them for a proper tea party, if i ever had things like that. based in belgium and the netherlands, studio job is run by job smeets and nynke tynagel. you can find more information on them right here and pick up the biscuit collection ($82-$853) at unica home (it ships in may). enjoy!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

skelleton/sheep piece is incredible.

2:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

but the peace cake plate is so better. Hmm, rent or cake plate?

5:39 PM  
Blogger deborah said...

i love the whole range. does that make me weird? no seriously, the cake of piece item is so lovely, i had to blog about it myself.

5:57 AM  

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