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BKLYN DESIGNS contest winners!


i spent the better part of the last two days sifting through the beautiful photographs entered in the d*s/BKLYN DESIGNS photo contest. you guys are some serious shots! it was incredibly difficult to narrow these down (i looked through at least 400 photos) but here are the top three winners. thanks so much to everyone who entered- your photographs were beautiful and much appreciated. here's to our winners and everyone who took the time to enter! so, without further adieu:

first place goes to: stephanie goralnick! stephanie's beautiful nighttime shot of greenpoint blew me away. not to mention it was hard not to choose second and third place from her other photos. she's quite the photog. great work, stephanie! click here to see what you'll be winning!


second place goes to: robert guskind! robert's artful shot of the cherry bomb tattoo parlor in brooklyn was a work in bold colors and contrasts. i love the way the yello, green and red work with eachother. great work, robert! click here to see what you'll be winning!


third place goes to: jenene chesbrough! jenene's somber "float on" photo was her homage winter in brooklyn and immediately took me back to cold days spent running between destinations and wondering if spring would ever come. great work, jenene! click here to see what you'll be winning!


a big big thanks to all our sponsors and BKLYN DESIGNS. be sure to check out what's new in my favorite borough's design scene by heading to the show on may 12-14 in dumbo brooklyn. thanks again to everyone who entered!



Blogger jpmferreira said...

Beautifull photos ! i love the fire.

Great blog, see if you like mine, it's also about design.


4:21 AM  
Anonymous rachel said...

Oooh, is it possible to get in touch with the third place photographer? I love that picture, wouldn't mind a print of it.

5:08 PM  
Blogger jenene said...

hey rachel! you can email me here: mail (at) jenene.org
and if you want to see more you can check out my flickr here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/pixietart/

9:26 PM  

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