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bookhou design

pillow-dandi_000 copy

ooh! i stumbled on a goldmind of great designs with this one- i just found bookhou design and have been oohing and ahhing over their work for the last 20 minutes. co-founded by john booth and arounna khounnoraj, bookhou design showcases beautiful home goods designed together and seperately by the design partners. based in toronto, bookhou designs creates beautiful modern goods for the 21st century home.

home1 copy

whether you're looking for pillows, furniture or tableware, these guys have got you covered- and they've got my vote for must-visit studio at icff. click here for more info- the d*s icff tour will most definitely be stopping by the bookhou design booth. click here for more info on bookhou!

cohabitateglassfleur copy


birdorna_001 copy

table4 copy

pillow-blue-wave_000 copy

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Anonymous NYC_Designer said...

I'm torn between thanking you for this link because everything is so gorgeous, or cursing your name because of all the money I'll now spend on their home decor items. Either way, great find! Thanks!

12:59 PM  

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