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crowded teeth *


i just bought a pack of these buttons at rena's the other day and plan on turning them into fun magnets (i like my fridge to be perky). i have now developed a major design crush on the company that makes them- crowded teeth. crowded teeth is run by 23-year old angelino, michelle. could i love that a young girl my age is behind this company any more? i think not. turns out michelle makes all sorts of fun things like badges and pillows (hooray!) with her cute, modern hello kitty-esque aesthetic. if cute isn't your game then this is def. a passer, but if you're down with cute, you should definitely love crowded teeth. click here for more info. [i love these buttons!]




Anonymous joy said...

i'm totally down with cute...!

1:32 PM  
Blogger design*sponge said...

hooray! i'm with ya, joy. sometimes cute can be so perfect mixed in correctly. i don't want to live in a little girl's playhouse, but i have to have some cuteness mixed in to make me happy.



1:45 PM  

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