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dform design


brooklyn's dform design makes some really stunning lighting that explores the manipulation of flat sheet materials into three dimensional forms. dform's pieces feature interlocking die-cut wood veneer or plastic with layered surfaces of pattern and shadow that really impress. founded in 2001 by designer james dieter, dform continued to produce innovative pieces that combine dynamic forms with simple, clean design. click here for more info on dform.



Blogger Greg said...

Nice work. Too bad his site doesn't have a price list or list of retailers where his work is available for sale.

Grr, why do so many sites do this? It's infuriating. Not even a list price. Just a "call for pricing" or the like. I assume that means the prices are too scary to post.

11:09 AM  
Blogger design*sponge said...

yeah, sadly a lot of them don't post prices anymore. i'm seeing this A LOT lately. it usually means sizable prices, but i've spoken with some designers who say it has to do with wanting to sell to the trade market and not wanting to publish retail prices. i don't know, it's all greek to me, but i agree, i wish they posted prices. but i do know you can buy directly from them.


11:11 AM  

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