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d*s reader recs [soma needs our help!]


d*s reader soma needs some help laying out her new digs in jakarta. maybe we can help! here are the details:

"I am buying an apartment in Jakarta in the next month and will renovate it before i move in. Its basically a shell, with very basic fixtures. All will have to change! Just so unlivable. Project! I was wondering if you guys could help me out with suggestions for a better floor plan? At the moment its just too cramped, too many walls and not enough light/breathing space. Im attaching the current floor plan, sorry but its all the measurements I know! If possible Id like to have a second guest toilet but also keep some laundry area space as well! I dont mind converting the whole thing into a 1 bedroom flat..."
any suggestions?



Anonymous Julian said...

If possible knock out that wall seperating the kitchen from teh living area- it will open the space and make the kitchen a more integral living area. Perhaps an island would be better suited in place of the wall. Keep the extra room as it's a benefit to have a seperated space whether for guests, an office, a workroom etc... Though it would be neat to put a sliding wall/pocket doors (double or tripple wide) in place of the current door to the second bedroom- it would allow you to open the space a bit and let more light into the hallway (always a spot that gets neglected) while still having the option of closing the room off. Perhaps you can rearange the existing bath and create a doorway into the master bedroom and close the existing door into the hall. The pantry area just to the left of the laundry area can house a vertical washer/dryer combo and storage etc. thus opening the existing laundry space for a second bathroom...

8:53 AM  
Anonymous mel said...

I think your space would definitely benefit by removing the kitchen wall and opening it up to the living room. I wouldn't add the second bathroom--I would take out the laundry room walls too and open up that whole space to get rid of the long thin hallway. Instead of a laundry room, I would just use bi-fold doors or something like that (covered in wallpaper!?) to close in front of the machines. Right now you have all those doors and small little spaces in the kitchen area, but it would be so airy if it was opened up. Good luck!

9:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

instead of separate laundry, you can integrate right into your kitchen. pricey but lovely are those combo washer-dryer units (you chuck in a load before leaving for work, and come home to clean dry laundry). you can use your kitchen countertop area above this for folding and benfit from having extra couterspace at other times for food prep. etc.

a 2nd washroom could have a tiny footprint -- doesn't need to be more than a sink, toilet, floorspace between -- esp. if smaller than standard sink and pocket door are used.

if time permits -- tear down some walls -- then re-imagine the space.

good luck with your renos!!

5:15 PM  
Anonymous soma said...

Thanks so much for the suggestions guys! I especially like the one for sliding doors...maybe i'll put them in instead of a wall separating the master and guest room so i can have option of closing it off for guests!..


2:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

sjI would entirely re configure the space. switching the functions of the roomsas they situate now. It would help if this plan also expressed window openings. depending on how you utilize space, such as do you really use a kitchen. I would place the bedroom in the smaller current living room space and open the large living area for an open space concept kitchen plan as well. I like the idea for sliding doors, i recently found corner slideing doors that created a library/guest suite. it was marvelous. I would suggest to think about how you use space now and play around with models of your own furniture to experiement. good luck.

7:49 PM  

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