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d*s sundays in the garden!


this week's garden section is especially cheerful today because i'd been trying to find out the name of these gorgeous flowers i saw for days and finally figured it out (thanks to my mom and martha stewart)- ranunculus! i'm in love with the shape and color- just so cute [photo from martha's site]. martha had a bouquet segment on her show this week and was working with gorgeous bunches of them- so, so pretty. anyway, back to the garden. i've been trend happy lately and i thought it might be fun to check out what sort of trend guides for the garden there were, so i've gathered some great resources below for figuring out what's going to be hot in the garden for 2006. in addition, there are some great new gardening planters and accessories below, so, have fun and feel free to send pics of your garden as they start to sprout this season- i hope to showcase the brightest and the most colorful in a special d*s reader garden section...happy sunday!


[the gratia planter at dwr: nickel or bronze architectural planter for $360 at dwr.com]


[colorful earthenware tri-pots at target for $14.99: a fun way to plant your window garden]

coir mats

[great coir mats at smith and hawken for $39, i may be ordering this dandelion one. so cute!]


[mod stainless steel planters at shop.com for $64.67]

and now time for some great garden links. this week's focus is on trends- see if this season's hottest looks have a place in your garden.



Anonymous Jennifer said...

Check the customer comments regarding the Target pots - they are glued to the tray. Not very helpful if you are trying to tend to a plant.

12:19 PM  
Blogger kristen marie said...

Does anyone have any suggestions for a cute little plant for a desk at work? Flowers don't last long enough, but a little green can make a big difference in a cubicle! I've never had many plants so don't know where to start.

7:54 AM  
Blogger design*sponge said...

kristen marie

one thing i've always loved are small plants like the egglings and plants in a bag. they're so cute and easy to care for!



if you're in brooklyn i know there are some fun plants in a can (and bag) coming to raredevice.net too

happy desk gardening!


8:05 AM  

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