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d*s sundays in the garden!


first of all, happy holidays to everyone, i hope this post finds you all happy, healthy and enjoying your sunday. i've been looking for fun outdoor finds all week (love that kate spade bag that was in the times this week) so this week's garden will lean towards great garden accessories beyond planters and windowboxes, with an eye on decorating your outdoor rooms (however big or small it may be). but first, the only must-visit garden link you'll need: this site directs you to dozens and dozens of garden sites based on location, subject and needs- it's fantastic. back to the garden- here are my favorite garden goods of the week:


[grdn, my favorite brooklyn garden shop, just launched an e-commerce site. hooray!]

crate2 copy

[put a stake in and enjoy a glass of wine after some hard work- $12.95 in blue or red at crate. thick rimmed pots for $23-$30 and some fun garden appropriate footwear, $49]


[pretty terazzo planters, $40-$50]


[unique modern birdfeeders at lekker home, $40-$82]


[solar powered lights for a naturally sunny garden path, $200 for a complete kit]


[nothing beats a little bird tile decoration outside, $44 at grdn brooklyn]


[not much better than a strawberry pot blooming in the summer, $64 and $85]


[create a garden (or rooftop) oasis with these modern oak park trellises, $40-$89 at smith and hawken. a great way to create a little garden nook if you have a patio with enough space]



Blogger clothes-pin said...

Yumm; this makes me wish I had a little plot of soil to play with. I'm working my way up to the little window boxes, and a some greenery for the living room. I'm sure you know another great garden store, Tarragon(tarragonhome.com). Such a cute environment!

2:10 PM  
Blogger Nad said...

Love your site! You have a new fan!

8:01 AM  
Blogger design*sponge said...

thanks, nad :)


8:03 AM  
Anonymous The Nordic Bedouin said...

What a great bag! I wish I'd had that along in the garden during Easter weekend's spring chores! And lovely boots too!

4:00 PM  
Blogger design*sponge said...

i know,aren't those boots too cute?


4:22 PM  

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