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erica wakerly


british designer erica wakerly is right of the verge of becoming the next wallpaper sensation. awarded the first prize graham & brown award, wakerly designs beautiful wallpapers and textiles with an illustrators touch. erica's pieces all have a nice sense of line and structure, with a something mathematical touch. they remind me of something you'd draw in math class with a compass or triangle or some other precision device- though they're clearly much cooler than anything i'd ever create daydreaming in class. erica graduated from the royal college of art in 2005 with a degree in printed textiles, specializing in surface design for interiors. you can find more information eric right here (she'll be at icff this year!). enjoy!

[i have to run out this morning but i'll be back by noon at the very latest!]





Anonymous kristin said...

If you loved these designs, you will definitely like this Australian firm's site.


Amazing designs, I worked with them while I was with a print firm a year or so back. Wonderful creative ideas. Brings things a new perspective. Check out the wall art stencils. You'd never have thought it would work.

8:45 PM  

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