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firstop williamsburg


as some of you might remember i didn't thoroughly enjoy my first trip to firstop, one of williamsburg's summer design shows. but this year i'm hoping the designers involved will blow me away and be working with materials and styles that are totally different from what's out there right now. and how can we help? well, firstop is looking for submissions to the show and if you're a talented young designer working in williamsburg, apply here! brooklyn has so much to offer design-wise and i hope any of you design savvy artists living in the neighborhood will show your latest works at firstop, to take place may 20-22 this year. click here for more information and to apply. good luck!

[note: the deadline was extended until the end of the week, so enter away!]



Anonymous Anonymous said...

if the website design is any reflection of the work in the show, the outlook is not so good!

6:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

rats! the deadline was march 28. did you post this on march 4 or april 3 (3.4.06?) i think you may have posted this too late.

8:01 AM  

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