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jill bliss *

jill and card

california's jill bliss is one of my favorite indie designers. her work is full of colorful illustrations that remind me of days spent coloring in the front yard when i was little- but of course, her work is much more professional than mine ever was. bliss' work is a favorite among the indie designers (and mainstream)- there's hardly a week that goes by without someone i know mentioning one of jill's pieces and how fantastic they are. fred flare just did a fun interview with jill that you can read right here, but in the meantime i wanted to add these fun new cards, stationery sets and button packs that are a must-see. if you love color, pattern and independent design, it doesn't get much better than jill bliss. click here for more info on jill and her lovely work. enjoy! [photos from fredflare.com]

jill bliss 2



Anonymous Anonymous said...

jill is SO talented and really humble too. i just went to her art show and bought the cutest little drawing mounted on wood from her in the redwoods collection.

10:33 PM  

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