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i am absolutely obsessed with the work of designer sandrine ziegler. ziegler is the creative force behind french design studio, meresine. i first saw her work in lucky magazine and went to investigate and found that she had much, much more to offer. i'm emailing sandrine now to find out about purchasing lighting in the us, but it seems that mereseine is carried at a few shops in the states, but i'm not sure about the lighting. i have been looking for the perfect table lamp and i can finally stop searching- these pieces are exactly what i was looking for. meresine's lighting is both elegant and modern- the floral imagery is perfectly girly, but with the right amount of edge that makes them perfect for any home. ziegler's gorgeous digitally printed shades come with even lovelier bases that double as a tiny bookshelf or storage for odds and ends. i'm investigating prices and purchasing so i'll update asap. in the meantime click here to drool away over some truly lovely lamps. i love when modern meets feminine in such an elegant way. [lovely work, ms. ziegler]







Anonymous Brian Everett said...

The lighting is definitely impressive. It is something I would buy for sure.

I always see you talking about how you are looking for this or that for your home. Have you ever posted photos of your home? I would be interested to see how it is decorated.

1:14 PM  
Blogger design*sponge said...

hi brian

yup, i've posted rough photos before, if you go to my flickr page (just click on one of the snaps to the left and go to my main page) you can see the d*s apt project folder. this is our ROUGH start. i've been working hard on changes, but haven't gotten where i want to be yet, but when i do i'll update. thanks for asking though- we just moved so we're still trying to paint, spackle and redo things in our spare time...


1:22 PM  
Anonymous Brian Everett said...

Gotta start somewhere. That is the fun of it all anyway right? Bringing it to life.

That place has lots of character and I'm sure you two will make it even more wonderful.

And look! A Design Ideas Mesh CD Box in the bathroom! :)

1:42 PM  
Blogger geo1969 said...

You can see and buy Meresine on http://www.janedeboy.com



6:15 AM  

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