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middle kingdom *

photo by ted morrison

i was wandering around williamsburg yesterday and decided to pop in golden calf on n6th street. when they first open i wasn't drawn to their collection but since i've last visited their collection has improved 10 fold with a great selection of vintage pieces and some great modern home accessories. i ended up walking out with a bag full of mini bud vases (one of the few things in my price range and all about 4-5 inches tall) are by a company called middle kingdom and are around $16-$21 a pop. they make a perfect small gift or a great accessory for a dresser, windowsill or small space that needs a little floral enhancement. i bought 4 sizes in 4 different colors, but you can choose from a multitude of styles and colors right here. enjoy! [top photo by photographer extraordinaire, ted morrison]




Anonymous Manuchao said...

Golden Calf is one of my favorite stores in Brooklyn. The owners have a great eye for furniture and accessories for the home.

10:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Grace,

So glad you like these!
Just to let your UK readers know that Middle Kingdom is now available over here too. (for stockists contact Artforum via www.artforum.co.uk)

We love this collection. The glaze and the colours are amazing!


10:43 AM  
Anonymous Maria said...

Wow, these are yummy! Flowers will look amazing in these and the price is right. Thanks.

1:45 PM  

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