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orbix hot glass

orbix hot glass

i thought it was about time to check in with alabama's orbix hot glass. whenever i think of orbix i'm reminded of 'sweet home alabama' and josh lucas' character who is secretly a talented glass artist who sweeps reese witherspoon off her feet. ah, sigh. anyway, orbix is run by artist cal breed in fort payne, alabama. cal produces really lovely colorful glass pieces, but seems to have really found a new level of sophistication in his work. i enjoyed his earlier pieces but his new signature collections are absolutley gorgeous. the colors are refined, the forms are elegant and i think the it really shows a level of talent that puts orbix up there with some of the more nationally recognized glass studios. for me it's just wonderful to be able to discuss such a talented glass artist coming from the south. makes my little southern heart skip a beat. you can click here to see more from orbix hot glass. enjoy!

orbiz hot glass 2



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