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pamela barsky *

L_533 copy

designer pamela barsky is well known for her fun and functional notebooks, dining journals and recipe books. i just wanted to add some more of her quirky accessories because i'm nuts about her little metal signs with fun phrases like "my house is mid century messy" and "happy camper" ($28 each). pamela grew up in chicago and opened her eponymous store in 198 (where she lived, illegally, in the back with her dog, burrito, a mattress, and a microwave). she later moved her business to los angeles where it was sadly squashed in the 1994 northridge earthquake. then in 2000 pamela reopened a small storefront at her new factory in hollywood. one of my favorite things about pamela is that her work is consistently fun, colorful and fresh- she updates her line monthly, which i know is ridiculously difficult to do, but i appreciate it immensouly- she's always got something great going up on the site. so click here to find more from pamela barsky. enjoy! [thanks, pamela!]




Anonymous Anonymous said...

thanks for the mention. i'll let you know how many people visit.

1:36 PM  
Blogger angela said...

absolutely love pamela's designs, her humour [and yes, her blog too!]... so it was great finding her here on designsponge as well!

yeah for pamela!


6:40 AM  

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