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we talked about canada's vest collective in march but jan at poppytalk found this gorgeous woodcut "floral lamp" that i totally missed the last time i checked. here's what jan had to say about it:

the floral lamp project began as a collaboration between a textile and a furniture designer in hopes of fusing two distinctly different worlds to produce an outcome that expresses the essence of what each has to offer. taking a closer look at each of the studios, the two paired up to develop a design that would both, express the intricate detail of textile design, and the utilitarian usability of furniture. verging on sentimentalism, the project references traditional floral textile motifs, combined with new technology of laser cutting therefore melding the past with the current."
it's a gorgeous piece- click here for more info. great find, jan!

[i'm headed to hable this morning to check out some fabrics, back by noon!]




Anonymous Anonymous said...

well there you have it! laser-cut right before your very eyes... now I'm sure some waste-conscious designer or d*s reader will come up with a use for those pieces that are left over....

10:23 AM  
Blogger clothes-pin said...

That must be beautiful in the evening casting floral shadows on the wall. Kind of like an adult baby mobile :-)

11:06 AM  

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