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s. wert design


the lovely meg mateo ilasco just sent over these pretty pillows from german design group, s. wert design. i'm checking on purchasing possibilities in the states, but until then, german d*s readers can pick up these guys right here. i love the simple, graphic quality of each pillow and especially the nice teal color. thanks, meg!

[putting the final touches on the deadly squire podcast for tomorrow. i wanted to time it with some exciting press i'll share tomorrow. so, a bit slow today but i'll be back in a bit.]



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I really hate to badmouth designers recommended here (especially if I believe their product to be unique), but I need to share this: I have had a very poor experience with s.wert. I purchased two pillows from them, and they were on the pricey side ($45, not including shipping) for such small low quality fabrics and truly not so fantastic execution. Although my payment was prompt and correspondence with s.wert was, for the most part, successful, I got the pillows after many many many weeks of headaches, and they are small and not very impressive in person.

4:17 PM  
Blogger design*sponge said...

ooh goodness! well, thanks for the tip. it's an awful lot of money to spend to have a pillow shipped to the states to be dissappointed- sorry your experience with them was such a bummer :(


4:43 PM  

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