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artist erin healy recently launched a line of cards and shirts inspired by good old fashioned shorthand (using a system called "gregg shorthand" created by john robert gregg, an irishman who emigrated to america in 1893). erin says, "one of the delights of working with shorthand is that there is an endless well of words to choose from. so, in essence, each shorthand press product is somewhat of a limited edition, as other words and symbols queue up for prime time." based in seattle, erin creates simple, modern cards for the design savvy note-writer. each piece is subtle, elegant and has just the right amount of embellishment. my favorites are the postcards that say things like "gather" and "hubbub". what a fun way to invite friends over for dinner or a weekly card game. you can check out erin's work at shorthand press right here. [thanks, erin!]





Blogger Leslie Lippi said...

I have some of these cards and the photos don't do them justice. They are beautiful!

11:58 AM  

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