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smitten kitten *


smitten kitten is a fabulous stationery and accessory boutique run by designer amy kwong in toronto. passed on to me by d*s reader luis- smitten kitten carries a great series of vintage wallpaper memo pads, mini-notbooks, journals and postcards that are a must-have for any pattern loving note-taker. i'm nuts about the kelly green birds, but there's something for everyone (all around $3-$20 a pop). check out the full collection right here. enjoy! [thanks, luis!]




Anonymous Anonymous said...

cute gift ideas. maybe it's wrong, but i love the ashtrays... and the bird journal is so cute!

9:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

love the bird journal- it reminds me of a print urban outfitters used in their stores and bags awhile back.

11:22 AM  
Blogger Luis-Manuel Garcia said...

har! Amy used to work for Urban (don't tell her I told you), so it's probably not a surprise that their aesthetics sometimes meet... Her ashtrays have a particular humor in anglophile parts of Canada, where the british meaning of "fag" still has some resonance. Congrats, amy!

2:26 PM  
Blogger IMEDAGOZE said...

love those wallpaper postcards and mini notebooks. Great find, d*s!

5:52 AM  

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