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studio (18) hundred


i've become mildly obsessed with the artwork of chris rubino at studio (18) hundred. chris happens to be the roommate of my street hockey team's goalie so i was lucky enough to stumble upon a whole studio's worth of his work during our pre-season party. chris does art direction and various projects for bands and publications, but my favorite pieces are his music and magazine posters. i spent most of our team's party looking at chris' work and hoping he'd let me buy a few for our house. you can see more of chris' work right here. i highly highly rec. checking it out if you're looking for some really great original work- it's even more beautiful in person. enjoy!



Anonymous angelune said...

if you like that, check these guys out: http://doublenaut.com/

9:34 AM  
Blogger kellifornia said...

and these guys!:

8:50 AM  

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