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tom dixon


tom dixon is one of my favorite european designers. his work is always fresh, modern and clean. i love the way he reimagines traditional pieces and adds new materials and fresh lines where we never thought of them before. i'm really loving these litle felt pendant lamps and of course his gorgeous copper pendant series. and of course i love how slightly nutty he looks in this picture. you can find more information on tom right here. you can find tom's felt range at twentyonetwentyone.





Blogger holly said...

i like how much tom dixon looks like the frame in the d*s reader rec right above him. did you plan that?!?

11:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do you that Tom designed two special edition polo shirts for Lacoste?
Eco Polo and Techno Polo.
Have a look to:www.tomdixonpourlacoste.com

5:06 PM  

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