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the ladies of brooklyn’s decoradar are releasing a fun new series of painted screens at brooklyn designs (tomorrow!). known for their colorful modern wall murals, decoradar will be adding screens to their collection (the damask screen is above) along with a new paint kit called “east”. east will include paint, a brush, stencil, and artificial blossoms for the creation of a dramatic cascade of japanese cherry blossoms and leaves. so be sure to check them out at brooklyn designs or right here. enjoy!



Blogger Erin T said...

Over the last year, and especially in the past few months, I've been seeing more and more damask. From Blik's "Flock" decals to the new Plush Living bedding and these beautiful screens shown here, it's been updated with modern uses or just fresh colors. I love it - it really appeals to my girly side and is great for softening the sleek lines of modern furnishings, for example damask linens on a metal-framed bed, or damask pillows on a boxy sofa. It has a certain timeless quality to it and I think these updated versions are doing a lot to overthrow the stuffiness and formality often associated with the pattern. I hope to see more!
- Erin

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