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design week: the last hurrah


this week has been a blur of fabulous (and some not-so-fabulous) design. with icff, sideshows and the stationery show, we've all been inundated with some really fantastic new furniture, lighting, stationery and accessories. today will be my final icff highlights, but if you're looking for some more icff coverage, be sure to check out apartment therapy and mocoloco. they've already got some galleries and interviews going, so you're sure to get your icff fix between the three of us. so, the last throws of icff! [the lamp above is by designer jed crystal]


[sarah cox from arch record tests out the gorgeous rugs at nanimarquina]


[very cool wood and ceramic vase/shelf at the idsa ny booth. will find name asap]


[these salt and pepper shakers were HUGE in person]


[simple bent ply shelves at small pond]


[the truss table at context. perfect for modern picnics]


[great industrial looking felt bench at the idsa booth. more details to come]


[gorgeous pillows (as always) from designer anne kyyro quinn]


[d*s tour member katrika designed the pda/scanner device all the booths used to scan industry creds. go, katrika!]




[designer piet houtenbos at modernlink was on FIRE with crazy cool furniture designs. his pieces were all about public versus private storage. everything had a beautiful hidden storage departments or shelves that slid out of nowhere to reveal even more hidden storage. very handy and beautifully crafted. video from this booth to come]



Blogger design*sponge said...

the site says to please email for pricing. see email at:



7:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I guess they only use that scanner device in civilized countries...

7:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i'm loving your ICFF posts!
i was once a furniture designer when ICFF was a wee baby... now it's all grown up!!

modernlink designs amaze me - i once visited the store on bond and met the designer, it was so inspiring!
the design is already great, but the fact that they're made of bamboo!! i couldn't believe it...

8:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The nanimarquina rugs are beautiful and the salt and pepper shakers are sadly sold out :(

9:27 AM  

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