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the ladies of fabricate design passed along their fun new line of pillows and i thought you guys might like them, too. fabricate is a small company run by best friends, brandy and cassi. they hand screenprint everything in their (couch-less) living room in atlanta, ga. after majoring in printmaking and textiles in college, brandy and cassi met on a study abroad trip and later decided to collaborate on design projects. the result was a line of t-shirts and fun affordable pillows with funky patterns. you can pick up fabricate's fun pillows right here for $32.




Anonymous Anonymous said...

i don't see the pillows on the website, only t-shirts. are they not available yet?

6:40 PM  
Blogger design*sponge said...

ooh! click on their myspace account that the website provides a link for- you'll find the pillows there. though prices aren't listed online so i provided them in the post. just shoot em an email if you'd like to order :)


6:41 PM  

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