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mia e göransson


during our podcast interview, karin eriksson mentioned a wonderful swedish ceramicist named mia e göransson. mia's website is still be constructed, but you can see a bit of her work above and below. her work is delicate and modern and was too lovely not to share. click here for mia's site and here for a site selling her work. [thanks, karin!]




Blogger Lena said...

so pretty & delicate! i just want to bite off the edge like a potato chip...

1:01 PM  
Anonymous joy said...

wow..so gorgeous and delicate!

2:02 PM  
Blogger Abigail said...

stunning....I had seen Mia's work in Elle Deco UK a few years ago, and was blown away by it!...so nice to see a reminder :)

5:21 PM  

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