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alex and christine of redstr/collective were kind enough to send along their latest design, the alma fortune cup and saucers, set to debut at the future perfect on friday. here's how redstr describes the project:

" Your fortune has been frozen in time as a fusion of porcelain and colored pigment. This is a modern reinterpretation of an ancient tradition: Turkish coffee fortune telling. Known as Tasseography, fortune telling of this type can be found as tea leaf reading in ancient Asia to wine dreg reading in Rome."
redstr's alma fortune cup and saucers will be available at the future perfect as part of a numbered, limited edition run for $65 each. [thanks alex and christine!]




Blogger a2o2 said...

It is a good idea. But it looks like someone used the cups for painting.
I would use only brown for the texture. Plus originally -I don't know
how the others work but with Turkish coffee fortune- you have to wash
the cup just after you read it, to make the things you saw happen as
soon as possible (assuming you've seen only good stuff). So it does not
match with the concept of fortune telling. Nobody wants to lock it down
if there is a bad fortune either.

8:02 AM  

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