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john derian


i'm not usually a big john derian person (though i understand the appeal of his work to other people) but i'm really enjoying this black seaweed tray at lille in chicago. you can pick up this derian piece for $180 right here.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

this is very sad! I am pretty horrified to see this print here (and all the other seaweed ones on his website) with absolutely no credit to the author of the illustration! These illustrations are the nature printed seaweeds of John Bradbury 1859 of which I am quite familiar since I collect prints from that book.

Johnstone, William Grosart.
The Nature-printed British Sea-weeds: a History, Accompanied by Figures and Dissections of the Algae of the British Isles. Nature Printed by Henry Bradbury. London: Bradbury and Evans [1859-1860].

2:55 AM  
Blogger design*sponge said...

jessica these aren't prints- these are handmade from pieces derian collects and collages and press between glass. they're not print copies, sorry. well, at least that's what derian and lille's site say. derian's a pretty smart and reverential guy, i'd be shocked if he stole something like that.


9:39 AM  
Blogger design*sponge said...

ok, i talked to a john derian pro and cleared this up. most of these dishes are prints (my bad!) but they are credited on the piece themself on the bottom or corner. you just can't see it in the shot. sorry, wanted to get to the bottom of this :)


1:01 PM  

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