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sunflower fridays


it's friday and i'm headed to prospect park to do some reading and clear my head. i saw some beautiful sunflowers this morning and have been wanting to bring those rich yellows and browns into my home. these chocolate vases at gumps ($30 for 5 vases!) are perfect for showcasing cheery sunflower heads and this fabric at repro really captures the bright gold and black colors of the sunflower ($8.50 a yard). i'm on my way out, so i'll see you on sunday with some modern garden finds. enjoy your weekend! [psst: i've been sidetracked by the world cup- garden finds next sunday, sorry!]


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Grace,

Love your blog but have to comment that the flower on today's post is a Gerbera Daisy, not a sunflower!

Your west coast gardening readers might enjoy a post from Annie's Annuals Nursery (www.anniesannuals.com) which sells incredible sunflowers. I bought the chartreuse and burgundy varieties this spring and love them.

Another fab garden post is www.henryhalldesigns.com for outdoor furniture.

Take care,

3:08 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know I should be rooting for France, but BRAVO ITALIA!! I hope we start seeing guys on the street with those cute little black headbands!

10:01 PM  

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