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all in the family...


while chatting with esque's andi kovel she mentioned (quite lovingly) her brother jeff, who also happens to be a super talented artist. head of portland oregon's skylab architecture firm, jeff kovel and co. have been behind some of the coolest projects in the pacific northwest these days. most notably jeff's doug fir bar and lounge that i remember hearing about when it first opened (if any place would make you want to live in a log cabin, it's this one). it's always fun to find out someone you know (or know of) is behind such a fantastic project. you can click here to browse some of jeff's fantastic projects and click here to read an article on the apple pro page about jeff's work. very cool. [thanks, andi! i love seeing a sister so proud of her brother]

kovel 2



Blogger Summerquin said...

Andee Hess is the real deal -- interior designer extraordinaire!!

2:39 PM  

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