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alyssa ettinger


i was thrilled to get an email from brooklyn ceramicist alyssa ettinger the other day. alyssa has been working with pottery since she was 14 and now lives in brooklyn and shares a studio space with designers sarah cihat and lorena barrezueta (talk about a studio full of talented women). alyssa's latest collection called "knitware" instantly caught my eye- embossed with a knitware style pattern on each piece, the collection is comprised of a series of coasters that look like someone took your favorite cableknit sweater and pressed it gently on top of each coaster. the comfort and warmth that comes from knitware patterns is only enhanced by the warmth you feel from handmade pottery. alyssa's beautiful knitware series is available in your choice of subdued glaze colors, including celery, vanilla, slate and of course, unglazed. alyssa also produces a lovely collection of bowls and small cups in simple but sophisticated styles and glazes that would make a wonderful housewarming gift (or just a gift for yourself!). prices are reasonable at $39 for a set of 4 handmade coasters. you can click here view alyssa's entire collection, place an order and find out more about her background. enjoy! [thanks alyssa and thanks justin for the photos!] stay tuned for more on this talented studio of women...






Blogger pbcb la said...

I love the warmth of the "Knitware" ceramic pieces! Beautiful-

5:37 PM  
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